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Brief Description

The aim of this exercise is to support 96 Urban Local Bodies of Madhya Pradesh in preparing the City Development Plan (CDP) for their respective cities. The CDP should provide a comprehensive medium term strategy (Vision 2035) as well as a City Investment Plan (CIP), based on which the concerned ULB will be able to access funds under GoI/GoMP schemes as well as from own and other sources based on priority actions and projects identified in the CDP. The document should also provide Financial Operating Plan (FOP) to direct the ULBs for mobilising various financial resources to implement the identified projects.

The City development Plan must adhere with the JNNURM’s CDP preparation toolkit. The inadmissible components under JNNURM should also be included in the task. The CDP should also include Broad Master planning of the town (using GIS) and should be prepared keeping in view the Master Plan (wherever exists) provisions as prepared by Town and Country Planning Department. It is also expected that the CDP would provide Urban Reform Action Plan for the ULBs as envisaged under JNNURM.

Preparation of the CDP will consist of city development strategies that come out of a structured consultative process. The process will enable elected representatives, key staff of MC departments, parastatal agencies and other institutions, policy makers and the citizens to participate and plan for spatial, social and economic development of the concern cities. A City Development Plan (CDP) will present both a vision of a desired future perspective for the city and the ULB’s strategic framework of sectoral plans translated into actions that define on how the ULB, together with other stakeholders, intends to work towards achieving their long-term vision in the next five years.

Cities Allocated to the Firm Shortlisted for IInd Phase of CDPs

List of Companies Shortlisted for IInd Phase of CDPs & Orientation Workshop of Selected Consultants on 21st October 2011

Request for Proposal (RFP) for IInd Phase of CDPs

Pre-Bid Clarification for IInd Phase of CDPs                                                                                                                                                  I    II

Population of 250 Cities/ULBs for IInd Phase of CPDs
Presentation Format : State Level Review on Draft CDP
Expected Structure of Presentation (Maximum slides : 40)
Presentation must be supported with relevant maps (to the scale) and Photographs
Section I (2 slides)
  • Project introduction.
  • Methodology adopted.
  • Documentation of Stakeholder meetings and meetings with officials(Date of meetings, Photographs and Stake holders present). More...
  • Schedule : State Level Review on Draft CDP
    Urban Administration & Development Department, Madhya Pradesh
    Schedule for Draft CDP Review Meeting : 14th to 22th September
    S.No. Company Name City Time
    14th September (Day 1)
    1 CRISIL Risk and Infrastructure Solutions Limited Mahidpur Jawara Mandsaur 11:30 to 2:30
    2 ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited Mandideep Hoshangabad Pipariya
    3 ICICI – West Bengal Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited Panna Chitrakut
    Egis India Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Khargone  Khargone is visualized to be the district headquarters of Khargone district with all basic physical and social amenities like adequate drinking water supply, drainage network, a good integrated rood network with well coordinated transportation infrastructure, supporting a vibrant healthy life for the citizenry. The town is seen os the regional growth center with higher order administrative, economic and other service functions serving entire region with thriving sustained economy based on wholesale trading and agro-based processing and. manufacturing activities.
    LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd. Orchha Develop Orchha as an international tourist destination by conserving and promoting heritage of the town and by providing basic amenities and facilities to attract the tourists and pilgrims.
    1. Payment Lot - III (Released on 25th February 2010)
    2. Payment Lot - II (Released on 8th Janauary 2010)
    3. Payment Lot - I (Released on 17th December 2009) More...
    Requisites of Strategy and Priority Projects
    Majority of the reports received by the UADD lack most of the requisites of this stage. It is expected that the “Development of strategies and priority actions” report (of the companies mentioned at the end) should include the following points as mentioned in the ToR : More...
    2nd Stage Review/Discussion at the State Level
    This is to inform you that the 2nd State State Level Review/Discussion for monitoring the progress of CDPs has been planned to be organized on 9th and 10th of March 2010. More...
    Requisites of Sector Analysis & City Profile Report
    The Consultants will interact with various stakeholder groups (meetings, workshops, focus group discussions, etc.) and review relevant publications, reports, GOs, resolutions, procedures, laws etc. to analyse the current situation in each of the sector identified. More...
    Requisites of Inception Report
    1. Approach and Methodology
    2. Preliminary analysis of the town
    3. Presentation prepared for the workshop
    4. Details of meeting with the ULB officials
    5. Photographs and minutes of the meeting More...
    Date of Submission
    S.No. Outputs Due Date
    1 Inception Report (including report of Kick off workshop) At the End of Week 6 (Extended to 30th November 2009)
    2 Sector Analysis Report and City Profile At the End of Week 12 (Extended to 6th January 2010)
    Note : Consultant shall start the Services on 1st October 2009 and shall complete them by 18th of March 2010 (As Per Agreement) More...
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